Opening For Business? Tips for keeping your employees and guests safe.

Masks and Sanitizer Masks and Sanitizer

Providing the right protection equipment and products to workers is essential to maintain employees' health and safety. Especially, restaurants, hotels, and about all the business locations need some sort of personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of catching coronavirus.

Importance of personal protective equipment (PPE)

PPE is a term you have probably heard many times in the last few months.  It means personal protective equipment and it is a vital way to help avoid COVID-19 from spreading.PPE minimizes the transmission of contamination from one human to another when done correctly along with certain contamination prevention measures such as washing your hands for 20 seconds, utilizing alcohol-based hand sanitizers, along covering your mouth while coughing and sneezing. For diseases like COVID-19, which is transmitted mainly between individuals by direct contact and droplets, not through airborne transmission, PPE involves the following for hotel staff:

  1. Gloves

  2. Masks
  3. Respirators (Standard N95 or FFP2, or equivalent)
  4. Eyes protection gears
  5. gowns
  6. Boots or work shoes close to the ankle

Steps taken to avoid any spread of the virus in hotel

As COVID-19 is spreading continuously, hoteliers have implemented proper health and safety guidelines to assist their employees and guests as part of always-evolving operational procedures. To avoid any spread, facilities like room service and luxury spas were temporarily forced aside by a hand sanitizer, good cleaning supplies, and completely updated health and safety procedures. Many hotels implement proactive actions in housekeeping, such as cleaning public places and frequently touched points like elevator buttons and doorknobs.

This situation promotes the usage of automation to reduce the immediate interaction with visitors, the people in the lobby, and the line at the front desk. Guest and staff temperature checking is one line of protection in preventing potential contamination.

Instructions to staff members:

  • Hotel staff is instructed to wear masks at work.
  • Maintaining quite enough safe distance as possible within the hotel amongst other staff and guests.
  • Hotel staff should also minimize all unnecessary travel and take corrective measures if they have been traveling in the last two weeks.
  • Upon return, employees who traveled should not return to work for two weeks.
  • Many housekeepers wear gloves for their work which is not necessarily common, but it is very important.

Instructions for food department

Employers require scheduled and supervised handwashing in food departments and many hotels have altered their food serving guidelines. For example, employees serve meals in areas where there are usually self-serving options, instead of requiring customers to serve themselves. Packaged meals replace buffet style. Food servers are cleaning table and chair surfaces more carefully. Hotels removed some needless objects, such as candles stand, vases of flowers and salt and pepper shakers, or extra glasses from the table. Standard room service is substituted by the no-contact system of delivery.

Instructions for guests:

For frequently touched activity areas inside the hotel, such as bars, lifts, and hallways, visitors can restrict the duration and exposures. Guests should use the stairs at this time to reach their floors rather than the lifts, or at least avoid overcrowded lifts, as much as they can. The lift buttons are frequently touched, so guests should take appropriate safety measures.

During a visit, housekeeping shall not access a guest room, unless expressly necessary. Seating at pools and beaches shall require a minimum of six feet of separation between guests. Most hotels offer free interactive courses, instead of their regular on-site events. They adjust to different conditions and communicate digitally with tourists, teaching them all new knowledge at no expense.

Awareness between Staff and Guests about Covid-19

Hotel staff needs to stay informed about all updates of coronavirus and federal and local guidelines and regulations, as this condition is evolving every day. We focus on developing a new awareness of this virus's parameters, including how it spreads and for how long this could survive on different surfaces. The hotels must have on hand personal protection equipment and cleaning materialsto secure workers and visitors. Staff should have:


Safe Stay should aim to improve the practices, and expectations of the hotel industry to ensure that all hotel guests and employees feel comfortable in the cleanliness and wellbeing of hotels, until the traveling starts. The hotel management is working constantly to make their guests feel comfortable and safe in the hotel. They are taking all the precautionary measures and following all possible steps to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Both hotel guests and employees are informed that their wellbeing and welfare is our highest priority

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