12 Tips for Increasing Life Span of Your Hotel Air Conditioners

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Proper care and well maintenance can increase the life span of your air conditioner. You need to take care of a few things if you want your air conditioners to work efficiently and for a longer time. Air conditioners are a vital part of hotels and their maintenance is very important. As these air conditioners run throughout the year so they need good supervision. We have compiled some tips and tricks to increase the life expectancy of your AC.

Tips for increasing life span of your air conditioners

  • Always install and subsidize in a high-quality system:

Installing a high-quality system will ensure the long life of your GE hotpoint or Prem Aire, air conditioners. Highly efficient air conditioners normally have some upgraded features like two-stage compressors, variable speed air handlers, and better SEER ratings. These features result in consuming less energy and low wear and tear. These air conditioners last longer than cheap air conditioners.

  • Proper installation of your GE hotpoint or Prem Aire Air conditioners:

After investing in good quality proper installation is equally important. Improper installation usually leads to many problems and it is very common. That’s why you need to choose the right contractor for complete installation and repairing.

  • Planned annual maintenance:

Planning annual maintenance is the most efficient way to increase the life span of your GE hotpoint or Prem Aireair conditioning systems. So schedule tune-up services annually to avoid permanent damage or serious problem. These services will help your air conditioners run smoothly for a longer time. The best time for tune-ups is just before the summer. Some benefits of tune-ups are:

  • Lower bills:

When you take proper care of your air conditions they work efficiently and consume less energy. That’s why your operating cost is less.

  • Enhanced reliability:

The system will work properly without any accidents and emergencies if you fix all the problems timely.

  • Improved durability:

Regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your air conditioner and delay the cost of replacing yourGE hotpoint or Prem AireAC earlier than necessary.

  • Learn to use thermostat settings:

Air conditioners usually have thermostat settings which helps to ease the load and save energy. Set the thermostat when the room is empty in this way you will save energy and prevent overloading. These settings only keep the room cool when it is hot.

  • Give your GE hotpoint or Prem Aire AC a break:

Air conditioners tend to wear out faster when they run constantly. To avoid this problem turn off yourGE hotpoint or Prem Aire air conditioners when rooms of your hotel are empty. Turn the thermostat 5 degrees in this way the air conditioner will stay on but does not cool the air.

  • Change the air filters regularly:

Changing the air filters is very important for the maintenance of your air conditioners. Clogged filters will lead to overloading and results in breakdown and overheating. More attention you pay on the filters the longer you can expect your air conditioner to last. By changing filters you can save energy and increase the efficiency of your AC

  • Check the airflows

Airflow problems are also very common and they affect the lifespan of Air conditioners. Leakage in air ducts causes many problems like wear and tear. Additionally, there can be an obstacle in your air ducts, improper design of duct or blockage in air registers. It is important to check the ducts regularly to decrease the stress on your air conditioners. Cleaning ducts can help the air flows freely and properly. Your air conditioner will warble effectively for a long period without any airflow problems.

  • Clean outdoor unit regularly

As the outdoor units get dirty easily so you need to clean the dirt, leaves, and dust regularly. In this way, your air conditioners will optimal performance and the risk of mechanical damages will be less.

  • Keep the outdoor unit cool

As the outdoor units are exposed to different elements like heat, wind, rain, and dust they need proper maintenance to work properly. During summers because of heat, the outdoor unit of air conditioners heat up. This results in overloading because these units have to work double. These situations reduce the life expectancy of air conditioners by up to 4 years. So it is preferable to install these units in shade or if possible try to build cages or shelters for the air conditioners units. This investment is profitable as these shelters not only stop the sunlight but also decrease the dust and debris.


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